Votive Candle Holders

Written by Serena Berger
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Votive candle holders can elevate the experience of having candles in your living space to a much more elegant level. While the warm glow of a tea light or votive is nice by itself, a candle in a special votive holder is much nicer, as well as safer. Votive candle holders can be beautiful decorative elements that look great in your interior design, even when they aren't being used.

Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Hanging votive holders can be particularly beautiful. You can find elaborate and stunning chandelier styles, some of which hold a single tea light, and others that can be filled with many candles. Often, glass beads and crystals are used, and when the candles are lit, rich jewel tones are cast through your space by the flames illuminating them from within.

If you want a candle next to your bed or on your desk, the perfect votive candle holder might actually look like a small table lamp. The votive goes where the bulb would go, and the lamp shade is made from beautiful tinted or painted glass that will look especially lovely when the candle is burning. You can add another level of enjoyment by getting a votive candle holder which also functions as an aromatherapy oil warmer. A small specially designed plate that holds the oil goes over the flame so that when your candle is lit, your favorite scent will be activated and fill the room.

Votive candle holders make great gifts for students. Votive candles and tea lights can be really cheap, so they're something even poor college kids can restock for themselves, but then enjoy in a nice candle holder. If you're going to be sending care packages, you can also make a point to send nicely scented votive candles on occasion to supplement your gift, which is sure to be greatly enjoyed.

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