Wall Plaques

Written by Michael Federico
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Plaques are used by corporations, schools, athletic teams and clubs, religious organizations, government groups, retailers, and a number of other businesses and individuals. They're used as awards, instructional tools, to commemorate an historic moment, or to honor a person's life. Each group and each use will call for a different type of plaque.

The materials used to make a plaque will greatly affect its appearance. A cast bronze plaque will look very different from one in cast aluminum. Needless to say, neither of those types of plaque will even resemble one made of plastic or finished wood.

Custom Designed Wall Plaques

The material plays a major role in the overall look of a plaque. However, the colors, lettering, and images can have just as large of an affect. When a person is designing a plaque, he can choose colors for the background, the borders, and any design elements that might appear such as soccer players or a person's face. He can also choose what type of lettering will be used and what exactly will be written on the plaque.

It is possible to fully design a customized plaque online. A person can decide on every aspect of the plaque from shape to size. Some sites even allow a person to use multiple forms of lettering and a variety of colors. Many sites have plaques broken down into categories. They might have items that are generally used by corporations and items that are usually reserved for churches or temples. However, this does not mean that a person looking for youth basketball plaques can't choose a design from the corporate section.

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