Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Most people shopping for wedding anniversary gifts start out with the traditional list based on the number of years the couple has been married. There are several of those lists around, and they can be a great source if you want to go with the expected. If, however, you want to offer a unique present tailored to the couple's tastes, you now have a great place to shop--the Internet!

Gifts For the Party

If you're a close family member or friend and there's going to be a party, you might want to present the couple with their gift in advance. You can choose a wonderful keepsake platter that each party guest will sign with a special pen. After 30 minutes in any oven, the ink will set and the platter will last a lifetime. You can also order a custom made watercolor painting of one of their wedding photos. You can either choose the photo or present the couple with a gift certificate so they can pick their favorite.

Thinking about a frame as a gift? Why not make it special with a handy, inexpensive recording device that attaches to the back. Record anything you like on the unit, and the couple can hear your loving words over and over again simply by pressing a button. Designed to fit any frame, this makes your give more personal.

The Gift of Time Shared

A fine bottle of champagne with a personalized anniversary label will give any couple the opportunity to celebrate after the party. Buying a round of golf for a pair that loves the links is a great gift as well. The same goes for ski lift tickets, a night at the theater, or concert tickets. Couples who have been together a long time often have all that they need or want, and your thoughtful gift of time together enjoying an activity they share will be long remembered.

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