Wedding Chalices

Written by Serena Berger
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Wedding chalices can be used as part of a traditional wedding service, or at the reception for a contemporary celebration. The tradition of both bride and groom drinking from a specially designed wedding goblet dates back to Germany, many centuries ago. It is considered good luck to drink from the cup (sometimes called the Loving Cup) without spilling, and every anniversary, the couple is supposed to drink from the same goblet again.

Wedding Chalices for Toasting

Many couples like the idea of doing something special with a toast or drinking together, but can't find a traditional two-spouted wedding goblet, or want to modify the tradition for their own purposes. Often, they would rather have a special toast at the reception than incorporates the cup into the service itself. And sometimes, couples who have been planning their weddings start to come across exquisite sets of matching or complementary goblets and they want to incorporate them simply because they are so beautiful.

Your wedding chalices can become a beautiful decorative item and even an heirloom after your wedding is over. You can have your wedding chalices engraved with your names and the date of your wedding, if you so choose. Often, the bases are pewter, and you can get the engraving you want underneath the base if it is private, or on the side if it's something you want anyone to be able to see.

A quality important to many people in their stemware, ceremonial or otherwise, is weight. Cheap goblets may look fine from a distance, but when you pick them up, you will discover that they are hollow, or simply made to look like heavy metal or stone when they are actually made of resin or plastic. For your special day, you want something elegant and stunning that will be a pleasure to use and also to display in your home for years to come.

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