Wedding Gift

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are you looking for a wedding gift that will make an impression? A message in a bottle is a timeless gift that will not be thrown away. Add to your toast, send a special message that you create from scratch, or choose from suggested verses. The bride and groom will delight in opening such an extraordinary gift and it will stand out in a pile of envelopes, clocks and crystal bowls.

Wedding Gifts and Favors

Many couples also choose to give message in a bottle gifts as wedding favors. They can thank their guests for sharing in their special day while giving them beautiful bottles that guests can then use to decorate their homes or fill with other mementos from the day. You could also use it to store the wedding invitation you received from the bride and groom in remembrance of this happy occasion.

Messages in bottles are not a new idea. In fact, throughout history, people have been leaving messages in bottles, then sending the bottles floating through the sea. There are some interesting stories of real life messengers who found true love by setting their bottles in the water and waiting to see what would happen. It's a truly romantic gift and a way for anybody to express their feelings.

If you aren't a wordsmith, don't worry. You won't have to craft a masterpiece--unless you want to. You have your choice of messages that are suitable for many different occasions. If you do have something to say, there isn't a more meaningful way to present it than rolled up in an exquisite glass bottle.

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