Wedding Gift Baskets

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Gift baskets offer recipients the opportunity to enjoy a variety of presents. It also offers the giver a chance to select a pre-packaged theme basket or to put together a personalized basket filled with a potpourri of gifts. Either way, a gift basket's impact lasts for more than just a moment.

Pick a Basket

If you don't know the bridal couple very well, a country wine basket is almost always a good choice. Filled with treats, keepsakes, and, of course, wine, these baskets are romantic as well as intriguing. Some of the items can include champagne flutes or matching bride and groom wine goblets; a variety of nuts, cheeses, and crackers; elegant napkins and candles; chocolates and mints; a picture frame and more. The basket itself becomes a keepsake.

Fun baskets to make if you know the couple well can be based on a theme related to one or more of the couple's shared interests. If they are tennis nuts, new balls, towels, and court reservations are great. If they love movies, tickets and gift certificates for candy and popcorn are a treat. Coffee lovers will enjoy baskets of biscotti, crackers, travel mugs, coffee, and even chain coffee gift cards.

Elegant Baskets

Candle gift baskets and spa baskets are always great. With candles and other keepsakes, they can keep the romance new and fresh for months. For chocolate lovers, a gift basket of fine chocolates is a delight. One thoughtful choice for a wedding gift is a wedding time capsule basket complete with a real time capsule that chronicles the year the couple was married and designated to be opened much later. With a little advance work, this basket can also include letters to the future from family, friends, and wedding attendants.

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