White Gold Promise Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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White gold promise rings are a beautiful option to give anyone who is important in your life. The history of promise rings has two major branches: for centuries, they have been given as gifts from a man to his intended bride, but rings called promise rings have also been worn by the clergy to indicate their promise to serve God. In modern times, white gold promise rings can be given to a lover, friend, child, or partner to symbolize any form of meaningful commitment.

White Gold Promise Rings for Couples

Some men and women exchange promise rings to signify a monogamous commitment or the intent to get engaged or married in the future. Celtic Claddagh rings make lovely promise rings because they signify friendship, loyalty, and love. Other Celtic designs with eternal knots are also perfectly suited to symbolizing the intent of any promise.

There is also a tradition, particularly in some religious faiths, of teens wearing promise rings to signify a commitment to their values. Some promise rings are marketed specifically as chastity or abstinence rings. If parents share their faith with a child and that young person intends not to have sex until marriage, or not to drink or try drugs, they might wear a promise ring as a symbol of that intention.

Promise rings can also be engagement or wedding rings, as these bonds of love are meant to be eternal promises. Some couples who don't believe in marriage or can't be married still want to wear rings like wedding rings to make sure the rest of the world knows that they have a life partner, even if they won't or can't be legally wed. There are beautiful white gold promise rings that are plain and unadorned bands, but there are also replicas of traditional poesy rings, which are engraved with verses from the Bible, classic poetry, or sentiments devised by the wearers themselves. Some of these are in their original languages, and others are translated so anyone who asks to see your ring will know that you have promised your beloved "you and no other."

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