White Gold Wedding Bands

Written by Serena Berger
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White gold wedding bands in many styles are beautiful options for couples who prefer the cool luster of silver to brighter colors of yellow gold, but want the more elegant look of a more precious metal than sterling. White gold is most often available in 14 karat, and is slightly more expensive than its yellow counterpart. If your other favorite jewelry pieces are silver, platinum or titanium, you may prefer to get a white gold wedding band to coordinate best with the other jewelry you'll wear most often.

Traditional Styles of White Gold Wedding Bands

There are a number of popular styles of white gold wedding bands. Some couples choose to get very plain bands, in deference to the fact that they're going to be wearing them every day. As a woman, a simple domed, half domed, flat, or milgrain band may be your choice because you want the focus to be on your engagement solitaire, or because you don't want to worry about taking your ring on and off when you do chores or work. As a gentleman, you might prefer these simple and timeless designs in white gold wedding bands because you've never been a fan of flashy jewelry, but you want to be able to let the world know you're taken.

If you want to get matching wedding bands, there are a couple of lovely and meaningful Celtic design options. Some people choose to use a variation of the traditional Claddagh band to symbolize love, friendship and loyalty. Others like to use any of the myriad of Celtic knots, which are endlessly repeating patterns of interwoven bands, symbolizing eternity.

Poesy rings in white gold are also beautiful. These traditional wedding bands date from as early as the sixteenth century in England and France, and feature short love poems or lines about love engraved inside or around the outside of the band. From the sweetly sentimental to the eclectic and literary, you can get a verse that particularly resonates with you.

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