White Tiger Gifts

Written by Michael Federico
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Americans have been intrigued by the white tiger ever since it began to appear in nature reserves, zoos, and big budget magic shows throughout the country. People are drawn to the animal's beauty and its rare appearance. The fact that it possesses all of the power and ferocity of a traditional tiger has piqued many people's interests, as well.

The popularity of the white tiger has, not surprisingly, translated into the mass marketing of the animal. The great cat's print can be found on bar stools, pillows, comforters, curtains, and even car seats. There are also shirts, picture frames, jewelry, figurines, and exotic masks embellished with the image of the white tiger. Items that are going to be given as gifts can even be wrapped in white tiger print paper.

White Tiger Gifts for Children

Tiger cubs, white and otherwise, tend to appeal to children. The baby tigers share many traits with domestic kittens. Their play has been chronicled on a number of nature videos and DVDs that are geared toward kids. There are also a number of other white tiger gifts for children such as bedside lamps, pajamas, and stickers.

Perhaps the most popular children's tiger gift is the white tiger cub stuffed animal. These plush toys come in a number of different styles. In some, the cub looks as though it is action, in others its head is cocked in catlike curiosity. Prices on stuffed animals and other gifts vary from store to store, but there is such a wide variety that people can usually find something affordable.

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