Wind Chimes

Written by Michael Federico
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People usually hang wind chimes because the sound either soothes them or it evokes feelings or images of a certain time or place. In fact, some chimes are designed specifically to do both of these things. In some cases, tones are chosen and set in combinations that have been proven to help people relax. Other chimes are created because the combination of notes used creates a sound that is closely linked to the sounds of spring or summer. There are even some chimes designed to sound like church bells or wedding music.

The pitches and sounds given off by wind chimes are usually determined by the size of the instruments and the materials used to create them. Bamboo chimes will not create the same tones as those constructed of metal, glass, or ceramic. There are also sets that are of a certain length and are composed of a certain number of chimes in order to give off a very specific sound. Gregorian tenor and Gregorian baritone chimes are two such sets.

Designs for Wind Chimes

When most people picture wind chimes they picture the traditional chime shape. However, there are a number of design options for those interested in purchasing chimes. Ceramic chimes can be designed to look like pineapples, angels, clouds, or just about anything else. There are bamboo chimes that are designed to reflect images that are popular in Native American cultures.

Specialty designs such as the water bell fountain take the concept of the wind chime and transfer it to a different element. Instead of wind, it is water that creates the sound. A fountain creates bubbling water, which causes two free-floating bells to move into stationary bells, resulting in a perfectly pitched chime. Other unique chime designs like this are available at only a few stores and websites.

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