Amusement Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Amusement toys may seem like a slightly redundant moniker, but consider that some "toys" are actually collectable items which people prefer to leave untouched in their original packaging while they gain value on a display case. Amusement toys are any inexpensive games or novelties that children can play with without worry. They are often available for pocket change at wholesale rates.

Amusement Toys as Redemption Prizes

Family entertainment centers are growing in popularity all around America, and redemption prizes are an essential part of the experience. While some of the high-end prizes are expensive brand-name electronics, most people don't expect to win those. They do enjoy ending the evening trading in their game tickets for amusement toys.

Childrens games such as jacks or jump ropes make good amusement toys. You can also find small balls, indoor basketball, or pocket pool. Online wholesale distributors have websites that will give you more ideas if you are looking to stock a prize counter at a fair or amusement center.

Amusement toys make great party favors, or even lighthearted gifts at the office. In both cases, you would also be wise to take advantage of the bulk wholesale opportunities to purchase novelty toys that you can find online. Because of the wide selection and low prices, this is an excellent way to save money on amusements.

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