Written by Will Baum
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Banners are one of the many nooks and crannies of the collecting world rarely visited by CNN cameras or newspaper reporters. Banner collectors love them just the same. Banners can be anything from an old-time LP insert to a recent McDonald's advertisement.

The banner that used to hang on my bedroom wall had the helmets of every team in the NFL. I was just a kid, and I studied that banner with a strange focus. I wasn't much of a football fan or player. I was getting knocked around on weekends during local flag-football games, but I almost never got hold of the ball.

Even after the flag-football and NFL seasons were over and I had stopped giving actual football much thought, the banner stayed on my bedroom wall. I had begun to memorize all of the information on that banner. I knew every team and every city. I could close my eyes and picture each team's logo. I knew how they were ordered from left to right, and up and down. The banner kept me in conversation with my memory. Today, I've forgotten the order, but all the other information is locked in tight.

Banners Are Collectibles And Decorations

Many collectibles have to be locked away for their own safety. Trading cards end up inside books, which go inside boxes, which go inside closets. You never get to see them. Banners are the opposite. They're right there, both collection and decor, ready for you to gaze at and maybe memorize.

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