Barbie Playhouses

Written by Samuel Wong
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If your daughters are crazy about all things Barbie, Barbie playhouses are the perfect toy for them. Not only do they give a girl a place all her own, but they do the same for her collection of Barbie dolls. Some playhouses have built in, Barbie-sized features such as a separate doorway and balcony that make playtime with Barbie even more fun.

In the past, dollhouses were big enough for dolls to fit into, yet too small for the children to fit into. Children would only get a partial doll-like experience. Barbie playhouses surround your child with the magic and girl power that is associated with Barbie. Barbie inspires girls to follow their dreams and pursue their goals, no matter what they may be.

Barbie Playhouses Are Fun And Fashionable

Barbie playhouses take ordinary playhouses to the next level. They are a seamless integration of fashion dolls and childhood imagination. They create a world where a businesswoman can instantly transform into a beauty queen with a simple change of hairstyles.

Barbie playhouses appeal to girls of all backgrounds. The perfect combinations of girl-friendly colors let a girl's older or younger brothers know that this playhouse is off limits to all boys! Plus, what boy would want to be caught playing in a Barbie playhouse anyway? The threat of humiliation alone is enough to keep him far far away!

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