Bratz Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Bratz toys are a new, popular brand of dolls and their variety of fun, funky accessories. What Barbie was to previous generations, Bratz toys are to the current middle and high school crowd, who enjoy these posable, dressable dolls. "The Girls with a Passion for Fashion" and their boys, accessories, and the online community that had grown up around them are a hot commodity.

Their big heads, big hair, big lips, platform shoes, and super-trendy clothes make Bratz fun and stylish. It is also nice to note that Bratz, while not promoting a realistic body type, are promoting multi-ethnic tolerance in place and life. There are African American, Latina, and Indian Bratz, not just the traditional blonde Caucasian dolls that you often find in popular toys.

Bratz Toys, Beyond Dolls

Bratz toys include everything from a Bratz karaoke machine to cars to homes to the inevitable hundreds of outfits. Themes such as formal (prom), slumber party, beach, winter wonderland, and school afford limitless opportunities for outrageous fashions. Bratz sleeping bags, bikes, comforters, and pillows are also available.

There are also a line of Bratz cats--stuffed animals or action cat figures with the signature Bratz big heads and girl power flair. Whether you just want the dolls and their fashions or you are shopping for someone with a Bratz obsession who wants everything Bratz, you should be able to find any number of fun gifts. The Internet has a significant Bratz community, as well as many online shopping sources.

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