Christmas Candies

Written by Serena Berger
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Christmas candies are an essential part of the holiday which, for many people, is their favorite time of year. Leading up to Christmas, you can make your home festive with Christmas candies in bowls around the house. A variety of wrapped candies are Christmas classics, from chocolate bells and balls to hard candies.

Candy Canes are probably the candy item most often associated with Christmas. Some people like to decorate with candy canes--either hanging them on the tree, or around the house. Candy canes look particularly festive peeking over the top of a stocking hanging on the mantle.

Christmas Candies in Stockings

And of course on Christmas day, everyone enjoys discovering what Christmas candies Santa has left in their stockings. In addition to traditional candies, novelty candies and candy/toy combos make great stocking stuffers. Many retailers who offer Christmas candies also offer small Christmas toys and gifts.

Many candy manufacturers make Christmas versions of their most popular candies. Typically this entails making them in red or green, or wrapping them in red, green, silver and gold foils. Online candy stores can offer discount and bulk rates on these brand name candies as well as on a number of other fun and delicious Christmas treats

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