Coca Cola Collectibles

Written by Will Baum
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Coca Cola collectibles contain an enormous range of Coca Cola branded items, from key-chains to die cast trucks to antique bottles. Some Coke fans collect calendars and advertising. Others go for bottle caps. Regardless of what they are on the market for, Coca Cola collectors are united by an affection for and fascination with a one-of-a-kind American icon.

Just as you can age a tree by its rings, you can age a person by what Coca Cola slogans they remember. If all you know is "Always Coca Cola" and "Coke Is It," then you're but a youngster. "Coke Adds Life" places you as a generation older. My own memory is no help when it comes to slogans from the 1960s: "Coke...After Coke...After Coke" and "Relax with a Coke, Revive with a Coke." I wasn't around.

Certain old-time slogans may ring a bell with people of all ages. "The Pause That Refreshes" dates from 1929. "It's The Real Thing" was coined in 1948, and has stayed in use through the years, as has the simple "Drink Coca Cola," a slogan/command issued back in 1886, the earliest days of the soft drink. Items from that era are amongst the most treasured Coca Cola collectibles.

Coca Cola Collectibles from 1985

Remember "The Best Just Got Better" in 1985? That was the slogan that launched the ill-fated "New Coke." That year, Coca Cola changed its formula after taste tastes leaned toward the sweeter Pepsi. The outcry was enormous. People did not want a change, whether it tasted better or not. Before the year was through, the company returned to the original formula. Today, New Coke bottles, cans, and advertising are among the great Coca Cola collectibles.

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