Coke Bottles

Written by Will Baum
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Coke bottles are a deeply ingrained American icon. Even with the rise of the soda can and the two-liter plastic bottle, the original Coke bottle is an image that is instantly recognizable to just about anyone. What it represents is in the eye of the beholder. Reactions are as varied as reactions to the image of the American flag itself.

For nearly a century, Coke bottles have been a regular part of the American marketplace. For nearly as long, people have been collecting them. Unlike a college freshman keeping empty bottles of beer along his dorm room wall as a badge of manhood, Coke bottle collectors amass their collections with feelings of reverence and nostalgia.

A Brief History of Coke Bottles

Coca Cola bottles, with their distinctive contouring, earned trademark status upon their debut in 1916. They are one of very few packages to be so recognized by the U.S. Patent Office. At first, Coke was a fountain beverage. Invented in 1886, Coke was available only by the glass. A glass cost five cents.

In 1899, Coke signed the first of many bottling agreements. Bottled Coca Cola was an enormous success. 400 bottling plants were in operation within a decade. The contour bottle was conceived as a way to distinguish Coke from its growing group of imitators.

Over the course of the twentieth century, the Coca Cola Company grew into a soda pop empire. Millions upon millions of Coke bottles have been manufactured. Rare and antique bottles are much coveted by collectors worldwide. The Internet is a great place to track down Coca Cola bottles of every kind.

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