Collectible Posters

Written by Will Baum
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Collectible posters include anything from a Soviet propaganda poster to a Brittany Spears bikini shot. Kids and teens have long tended to be the poster mavens in the house. Some mysterious combination of hormones compels youngsters to plaster their bedroom walls with collectible posters of anything from art to animals to celebrities to cars. I should know, I was one of them.

If anyone's giving you a lot of attitude, putting on airs, and pretending to have been sophisticated since birth, there is a simple way to bring them down to earth. Demand to know what posters they had on their walls as a kid. Chances are, they didn't start out as connoisseurs of aesthetic perfection. Like any of us, they were probably first seduced by pop culture. Oftentimes, the more pretentious the adult, the worst the taste at youth.

I feel that I've been pretty consistent, taste-wise, since about age twelve. But how, then, do you account for my wall art? There was that poster of the Neanderthal taken from an issue of "Scientific American." There was a Ronald Reagan Van Heussen shirt add--"Won't Wrinkle Ever"--an early stab at knowing irony. Both are respectable enough. Before that was a very questionable Bee Gees poster with the three brothers Gibb in white body suits smiling out with all their seventies shine. What was that doing there? I was a Beatles fan.

Collectible Posters Remind Us Who We Are

For a long time, I was embarrassed about that Bee Gees poster. I felt I had clearly come down on the wrong side of "Disco Sucks!" Today, I'm a big Bee Gees fan. I proud to say I can stand by all of my youthful choices of collectible posters. Can you?

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