Collectible Toys

Written by Will Baum
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Collectible toys include everything from a Pez dispenser to a Happy Meal figurine to a die cast Nascar racer. The variety is dizzying. The most sought-after collectible toys tend to be the ones that are not only rare, but that resonate with collectors, giving them a sense of connection to the shifting tides of pop culture and history.

Perhaps it's the quest for this sense of connection that so often draws collectors to giant manufacturers and company names. Many American collectors seek toys associated with great American icons such as Walt Disney, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola. Pez dispensers, many of them sought-after collectibles, are actually an invention by an Austrian in the 1920s, but over the years they have become authentic Americana.

Happy Meals and Pez share a simple approach that makes them enormously popular with collectors; they each reflect current goings-on in pop culture. Happy Meals regularly feature characters from the latest Hollywood cartoon blockbuster. Pez are often topped with heads of beloved cartoon or TV characters like "The Simpsons." This cross-promotion is a boon to the companies and collectors alike.

Collectible Toys Create Frenzy

Remember the Beanie Babies or Furbys? Toy collectors do. Both toy dolls created sensations when they were introduced. Parents rushed stores to acquire the plush playthings for their insistent children. Wise toy companies "retire" some lines of toys, creating not only more frenzy, but instant collectible status. The Internet is a terrific place to track down collectible toys of every variety.

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