Creative Play

Written by Samuel Wong
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Despite advances in technology and toy development, creative play seems to have fallen by the wayside. Although entertaining, toys like video games and dolls are not very good at exercising your child's imagination. They are limited by the programmer's code and how much you're willing to spend on doll clothes and accessories.

You can keep your child occupied with the latest videos and movies, but that does little or nothing for creative play. Television is visually stimulating, but it does not offer much else in the way of creative inspiration and ideas. People don't call it a "dream sucker" for no reason!

Encourage Creative Play

When choosing toys for your children, it is a good idea to consider if the toy will inspire creative play. The more creativity a toy requires, the more possibilities it offers. This also means that the novelty of the toy will not wear off as quickly. Video and board games are very linear and do not provide for much improvisation and imagination.

Creative play is one of the things that comes along once in a lifetime. As we grow older and enter the career world, being creative is sometimes frowned upon and even discouraged. The more that creativity is encouraged and nourished in the earlier years of childhood, the stronger and more vibrant a person's life will be in the future.

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