Die Cast Cars

Written by Will Baum
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Die Cast Cars are one of the great American collectibles. Those who grew up with simple Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars don't know what they're missing. Die cast cars have come a long way.

For just about every car model that rolls out of Detroit or around the world, a die cast replica is produced for die cast collectors. The same goes for motorcycles, tractors, and pretty much anything on wheels. The adoring attention to detail on the latest die cast cards is something to behold.

Look at the new Mini Cooper. Just as the new Mini Coopers are becoming noticeable on the streets of American cities, Kyosho has produced a 1:18 scale metallic-green die cast miniature of the car. Every detail is exact: The doors open, the sunroof retracts, the interior and steering wheel feature simulated leather. All lights, turn signals, and door handles lovingly reproduce the full-size version. The mini-Mini Cooper is a car fetishist's dream come true.

Die Cast Cars Make Car Buying Fun

Not everyone can afford a new Mini Cooper. Buying one is especially impossible if you're also determined to purchase a '57 Chevy, several Nascar racers, and a half-dozen monster trucks. For people with incomes this side of Jay Leno's, die cast cars make car collecting not only possible, but also fun. The Internet is a perfect place to find die cast vehicles of all types.

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