Die Cast Collectibles

Written by Will Baum
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Die Cast Collectibles are a major force in the collectible toys industry. Die cast collectibles include cars, tractors, and motorcycles--more or less anything with wheels. Die cast vehicles tend to be incredibly detailed. A die cast car made today will reproduce even moving parts of a car, from hood to trunk to doors to sunroof.

While just about everyone has seen a simple die cast car--even if just an old, beat-up Matchbox or Hot Wheels car--not everyone knows how those cars got there. What exactly is the die casting process? How does the die casting work?

How Die Cast Collectibles Are Made

Die casting is done with molds. Metal (usually aluminum, zinc, or copper) is injected into a mold using high pressure (over 1,450 psi). Careful cooling follows. What results is amazingly clean and uniform. Die-casting is used for all sorts of machine parts and household items. People rely upon die casting for incredible accuracy.

The same accuracy is essential to connoisseurs of die cast vehicles. The slightest casting imperfection can decrease the value of even the rarest die cast car or toy. Paint, decals, and wheel alignment are all looked at with a sharp eye by those appraising top die cast collectibles. The Internet is an excellent place to research collectible die cast products in all their amazing variety.

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