Die Cast Farm Toys

Written by Will Baum
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Die cast farm toys let the farmer in all of us plow to our heart's content. Die cast racing cars are familiar to just about everyone; Matchbox and Hot Wheels racers are available everywhere. Die cast farm toys inhabit an alluring niche in the world of the die cast collectibles. Tractors, combines, and farm implements of all kinds are cast with the same loving detail given to Nascar racers and sports cars.

Miniature John Deere tractors are among the most popular farm toy collectibles. John Deere is a name that has become synonymous with tractor, like Mack is with truck. It's no wonder; the story of John Deere parallels the development of the Midwest.

Die Cast Farm Toys Favorite John Deere

John Deere was born in 1804 in Rutland, Vermont. A journeyman blacksmith at age 21, Deere gained a wide reputation for his careful workmanship and inventiveness. Deere moved west in the mid-1830s as the Vermont economy slumped. Midwestern soil was unreceptive to plows designed for sandy eastern soil. John Deere met the challenge, fashioning a steel plow from a broken saw blade. It worked perfectly. Legend has it that after using the new Deere plow, farmers who had considered leaving the Midwest now remained.

Deere began manufacturing his plows using steel imported from England, not waiting for orders, confident that he could sell his plows to farmers everywhere. Within a decade, the John Deere Company was selling 1,000 plows a year. In time, the successful plow was followed by even more successful tractors. Today, John Deere collectibles are among the most coveted die cast farm toys.

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