Die Cast Nascar Collectibles

Written by Will Baum
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Die Cast Nascar collectibles come in a huge variety of styles and sizes. Many collectors choose to focus on only one size of die cast cars. The most popular scales are 1:18, 1:24, and 1:64, though there are a dozen other manufacturer sizes. (For orientation, Matchbox and Hot Wheels come in 1:64.)

Connoisseurs of Nascar collectibles know just what to look for in a die cast car. Like with any collectable, mint condition is the dreamed-of standard. There are a few simple ways to measure the quality of any die cast car.

First, look at the paint job. Is there chipping or flaking? Are the lines crisp and clean? Second, examine the decals. Decal placement is key. Make sure the decals on your die cast car are not at all askew. Third, check under the hood--just like in a real car. Not all die cast cars have hoods that open, but if the hood does open, check out the edges of the hood. It should open and close cleanly, with an even space all around. The same goes for the trunk. Finally, "kick the tires." Make sure the tires all match and that paint, if any, is in good condition.

Die Cast Nascar Collectibles Are Not All Alike

Several different companies make Die Cast Nascar Collectibles. Die Cast cars are sometimes valued like fine wines. They improve with age and with the reputation of the driver and sponsor. The Internet is an excellent place to find Die Cast Nascar Collectibles of every type.

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