Written by Will Baum
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Furbys are a plush toy with robotic innards that debuted in 1998. Today, the little creatures are a favorite among toy collectors. Like any good collectible, a rare Furby can be priced way above its original sticker.

Fun Facts About Furbys

A Furby looks something like the creatures from the movie "Gremlins"--the cute ones that haven't been exposed to light or water or whatever it was. They have big ears, big heavy-lidded eyes, and short beaks. They also have an on-board microprocessor which provides them all manner of lifelike behavior. The processing power inside a Furby is reportedly larger than the processing power on board the first Lunar Module.

The first run of the Furby line had 24 names, six patterns of fur, three distinct pitches of voice, and eyes that came in blue, green, brown, or grey. Mixing all of the various possibilities means that there are 1000 unique Furbys available. A Furby has its own language, Furbish, speaking in short bursts that attentive Furby-lovers know means anything from "pet me more" to "very hungry" to "happy."

Artist Kelly Heaton gained attention with her 2002 Furby sculpture, featuring 400 of the creatures stripped of their fur and reprogrammed to react all at once when a viewer approaches. Called "Reflection Loop," the piece is a unique Furby collectible. For more conventional Furby collectibles, check the Internet, a great resource for Furbys of every variety.

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