Giant Muppets Pez

Written by Will Baum
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Giant Muppets Pez give Muppets fans a way to spend extra time with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo. For many others, they are a Pez item to be collected. Each 12 inch tall Giant Pez Muppets plays the Muppet Show theme when its head is tilted back.

Pezheads who have no prior knowledge of the Muppets might find themselves getting hooked. So too might Muppets fans and collectors find themselves drawn into the world of Pez collecting after spending time with the Giant Muppets Pez. In their own small way, Muppets Pez can bring people on earth a little bit closer together.

A Brief History of Giant Muppets Pez

Pez creator Edward Haas had no idea who the Muppets were. He had two good reasons. He was in Austria, and it was 1927. Haas came up with Pez (named for a shortened version of the German word for "peppermint") as a candy first. For twenty years, Pez had only a tiny metal tin to call home.

In 1948, the Pez company came up with the famous one-at-a-time Pez dispenser. Still, the dispensers didn't have the plastic heads that made Pez a true phenomenon. The plastic heads were added in 1952, when Pez candy was first introduced to America. Plastic heads and new fruit flavors turned an adult peppermint into a children's toy and candy sensation.

Pez have reflected pop culture history over the years, integrating popular figures like the Muppets and the Simpsons onto their tops. Over time, Pez dispensers have become one of the great collectibles. The Internet is a great place to find Giant Muppets Pez and other Pez dispensers of all kinds.

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