Giant Pez Dispensers

Written by Will Baum
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Giant Pez Dispensers sing and talk and entertain in ways that classic Pez dispensers only dream about. At 12 inches tall, Giant Pez have room for bells and whistles never dreamed of by Edward Haas when he invented Pez in Austria in 1927. Collectors have embraced Giant Pez dispensers as a welcome new outlet for Pez worship.

Christmas songs emanate from the plastic throat of a Giant Pez Santa. A Kermit the Frog Giant Pez dispenser does a rendition of the Muppet Theme Song. Giant Pez "Simpsons" characters do lines of dialogue from the beloved animated show.

Giant Pez Dispensers Make Pezheads Swoon

Edward Haas could have had no idea what obsession he was unleashing when he first created the Pez candy. Named for the German word, "pfefferminz," for peppermint, the little mints originally came in metal tins. In 1948, the Pez dispenser was introduced. Still, it was headless--just a tube of candies spit out one-at-a-time, avoiding the nuisance of having multiple fingers touch every candy in a tin.

Pez dispensers got heads in 1952, concurrent with the introduction of Pez to America. The new packaging was a sensation. Collectors caught on fast. Today, "Pezheads" search the globe for the rarest, most collectible Pez dispensers. The Internet is a great place to track down Giant Pez dispensers of all kinds.

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