Kids Playhouses

Written by Samuel Wong
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All children like having a place to call their own. Kids playhouses create a personal, private, cozy environment that all kids love. In order to stay happy and focused, kids need some quiet time by themselves. If they have to share a bedroom with an older sibling, a playhouse can provide the solitary time everyone needs to contemplate and meditate.

Newer, more elaborate kids playhouses recreate the feeling of home, only smaller. Some playhouses have running water and working electricity, providing a year-round getaway for your little ones. Some parents have been known to build playhouses for their children that look exactly like their life-sized house.

Size Matters with Kids Playhouses

Kids playhouses appeal to children because everything is sized just for them. Every cupboard and door is within their reach. There's no stretching or standing on tiptoes when a doorknob has to be turned or a light needs to be turned on. Playing house has never been more fun in a kids playhouse.

One reason why children find kids playhouses so exciting is that most of the time, parents are too big to fit inside! Kids probably grow tired of hearing the phrase "You're too little," or "This is for big kids." A playhouse creates a feeling of exclusivity that cannot be duplicated when a child closes his or her adult-sized bedroom door.

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