Mcdonald Dog Happy Meals

Written by Will Baum
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McDonald Dog Happy Meals are a toy collector's trifecta. They combine the mass-market force of the fast food giant with adorable plush toys and relative ease of acquisition (for the moment). With more and more Happy Meal toys marketed as tie-ins with major film releases, McDonald Dog Happy Meals are a welcome respite and an instantly hot collectible.

McDonalds Happy Meals toys are collected by many regardless of how cute or interesting. The Dogs are both, and the Dog release has doubtless added many collectors to the Happy Meal fold. Within months, a mint condition set of the canine pack was already going for well over $50.

McDonald Dog Happy Meals Add Bark For Your Buck

The 12 little plush dogs, all of familiar breeds were released in the following order: 1. Golden Retriever, 2. Dachshund, 3. Dalmatian, 4. Pug, 5. Labrador Retriever, 6. Beagle, 7. Bull Terrier, 8. Cocker Spaniel, 9. Miniature Schnauzer, 10. Siberian Husky, 11. West Highland, 12. German Shepherd. McDonalds has already "retired" several of them. They are no longer available and therefore all the more collectible.

Make sure before laying out big money for the Happy Meal toys, that you are getting mint condition Dogs. The Dogs should be sealed in their original bags and each have collars and I.D. tags. The Internet is a great place to track down McDonald Dog Happy Meals toys. Look for a reputable toy dealer with a large stock that is well-established in the toy business.

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