Mcdonalds Disney Toys

Written by Will Baum
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McDonalds Disney toys are the result of the fusion of two iconic American names. Alone, McDonalds toys and Disney toys have huge constituencies in the world of toy collectors. Combined, McDonalds Disney toys are more than just toys. They are a record of the last 25 years in American pop culture.

Walt Disney and Ray Kroc were two very different men. Disney came to California with a cartoon and a dream. He was a successful animator when he created a new character, called Mickey Mouse, in the late 1920s. He had a sensation on his hands. A savvy businessman, Disney built on Mickey's success to build the beginnings of what is now a media empire.

Ray Kroc was over 50 when he first got into the burger business. As the sole distributor of "The Multimixer," a milk shake maker, he heard about a burger stand using several of his machines. The burger stand was, of course, McDonalds. Kroc had the notion to open several of the quick-serve burger stands, creating a market for the milk shake machines. He could have had no idea what this innovation, eventually called "fast food," would lead to.

McDonalds Disney Toys Are Beloved Collectibles

It wasn't till long after the birth of Mickey Mouse and the spread of McDonalds that Disney and the Golden Arches joined forces. Happy Meals were a natural way for the restaurant to lure children and families. They were also an obvious route to promoting new movies and releases. A match was made. The Internet is a great place to find McDonalds Disney Toys of every possible variety.

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