Mega Magz

Written by Jill Morrison
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Mega Magz is a type of Magz magnetic toy kit. It comes with 130 pieces while the standard Magz kit only comes with 56 pieces. It is an educational, yet entertaining toy for children. With a single kit, children can form structures of varying shapes and sizes and they are held together with the strong magnetic pieces.

Mega Magz Possibilities

There are many different structures that can be made with Mega Magz kits. Children can build small, medium, or large structures because each kit contains 36 nickel-plated steel balls and 94 colorful, magnetic bars. They can build shapes such as snowflakes, wheels, pyramids, cylinders, spheres, and many others. These kits will stimulate creativity and learning while providing hours of entertainment for children.

The Magz company was created by a man named George Balanchi in 1994. Magz products began as 3-D puzzles, and grew into a popular educational toy kits with many different magnetic toy options. All Magz kits are recommended for children ages five and older because they contain small parts that can be hazardous to children under the age of three.

Mega Magz is simply a larger version of the standard Magz kit. There are other Magz kits with pieces that are different from the standard kit. For instance, Magz X kits have X pieces in addition to the magnetic balls and bars. Super Magz kits are another example because they contain larger pieces so you can build larger and sturdier structures.

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