Mlb Pez

Written by Will Baum
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MLB Pez combines two great American pastimes: Baseball and Pez. Classic Pez give you candy and plastic heads in a combination many collectors have found irresistible. Giant MLB Pez gives you candy, a plastic head, plus a stirring rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" that plays whenever you tilt back the head. Add to that the identity of the plastic head: it's Charlie Brown, wearing the cap of your favorite baseball team. As a headline might say: "We Are All Pezheads Now."

A Brief History of MLB Pez

The Pez story begins far away from the world of baseball diamonds, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks. Pez was invented in Austria by Edward Haas in 1927. At first, the tiny mint candies, named for the German word for peppermint, came in ordinary metal tins. Twenty years of candy purveying later, Haas had an inspiration: Instead of letting the fingertips of every person you offer a mint to brush against your remaining candies, how about building a device that dispenses one candy at a time?

And so the Pez dispenser was born. Or at least a version of it. Early Pez dispensers didn't feature the plastic heads that later made Pez such a sensation. It wasn't till Pez sought out to conquer America that the plastic heads were introduced in an effort to attract young customers.

Obviously, the addition of the plastic head was a success. Soon, the plastic Pez heads came in dizzying variety. Today, popular Pez tops include "Simpsons" characters, mummies, clowns, and, of course, the baseball-loving Charlie Brown. The Internet is a terrific place to track down the MLB Pez missing from your collection.

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