Nascar Collectibles

Written by Will Baum
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Nascar collectibles are gaining value just as the "Nascar Dad" is gaining fame. There are an enormous variety of Nascar collectibles, some perfect for the "Nascar Kid," others for the Nascar kids-of-all-ages. Nascar collectibles include just about everything you can put a logo on: helmets, flasks, lamps, rugs, hats, clocks, shot glasses, piggy banks, and purses (to name a few).

There is one Nascar collectible valued over all others: the die cast car. Nascar die cast collectible cars come from several manufacturers in a variety of sizes and styles. Most collectors prefer to focus on one driver or sponsor. Collecting only Dale Earnhardt cars could keep any collector busy for a long time.

Determining the Value of a Nascar Collectible

How can you tell what is the right price to pay for a die cast car? There are several price guides to help you find your way. Beckett Racing, Die Cast Digest, and Racing Collectors all publish price guides. "O'Brien's Collecting Toy Cars and Trucks" is a good book-length survey of the entire subject.

As with any collectible, price is often determined by availability. Die cast cars usually come in limited runs (between seven and nine thousand per model). The smaller the run, the more potentially valuable the car. More important still is the popularity of the driver. The Internet is a terrific place to find Nascar collectibles of every imaginable stripe.

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