Novelty Candies

Written by Serena Berger
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Novelty candies make great prizes, gifts, and treats. They are usually affordably priced, in large measure because they aren't selling a brand name. When you buy them in bulk, the prices can go as low as a penny per unit, which make novelty candies a great deal.

Sometimes Novelty Candies Double as Toys

Frequently novelty candies double as some sort of toy. Whether they come in a clever dispenser or container, after you eat the candy, you may be left with a figurine, toy car, or cute container. In fact, in many cases, the novelty of novelty candy is in their packaging, such as "liquid candy," or candy "jewels."

Candies are also frequently tied in to characters from movies, comics, or cartoons. Characters such as Spider Man or SpongeBob adorn the wrappers and packages of many novelties. Other times there are flavors of gum or candy named for popular characters.

Novelty candy bought in bulk can stock the prize counter at a carnival or fair. You may also get a variety of novelty candies to hand out on Halloween, or as stocking stuffers at Christmas. The Internet has a number of sites where you can find out more and purchase novelty candy.

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