Play Kitchens

Written by Samuel Wong
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What playroom is complete without play kitchens? Toy kitchens are an integral part of playing "house" for any child. Children love pretending to be grown up, and that means cooking dinner for their dollies and friends, even though the food is invisible. Play kitchens give children a sense of independence and self-reliance that cannot be recreated with a video or computer game.

Play kitchens create an environment that is perfect for creating a fertile imagination. Children aren't relying on the latest television cartoon character or the latest animated film to keep them entertained. A play kitchen requires a child to entertain himself or herself. Even though the kitchen stays the same, your child will be cooking up a different lunch every day he or she uses a play kitchen.

Play Kitchens Are Good Clean Fun

Many newer play kitchens have realistic-looking sinks and appliances. Some even have sound effects to make the kitchen seem even more like mommy's and daddy's kitchen. The more fun they have in the play kitchen, the more eager they will be to help out in the real kitchen when they get older.

Play kitchens provide wholesome fun for all ages. As a parent, you won't have to worry about your child picking up violent behavior from a play kitchen. When boys and girls use a play kitchen together, they are on a level playing field, which will prepare them for cooperating with other people in the school and career worlds.

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