Radio Flyer Wagons

Written by Samuel Wong
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Attend any hometown summertime parade and you will see kids in Radio Flyer wagons. They have been a staple of American life for over 70 years. Over those 70 years, the design of the classic Radio Flyer wagon has remained the same, demonstrating the lasting appeal of a simple red wagon. Nobody ever outgrows a Radio Flyer wagon. They simply find new and different uses for it!

The selection of Radio Flyer wagons has increased over the years. There are newer, more specialized designs that enable the wagon to serve a variety of purposes. There are wagons with removable wooden sides for hauling larger, taller items. There are wagons for hauling gardening supplies, and even wagons that can haul wagons!

Radio Flyer Wagons-An American Classic

The newer Radio Flyer wagons have been enhanced to make towing your kids to the park or parade even easier. Accessories include a chair that straps into the wagon, providing a higher level of safety and security for your precious cargo. For those all-day trips to the park, there are wagons with comfortable seating and multiple cup and juice holders, which results in fewer aches and spills at the end of the day.

Radio Flyer Wagons have outlasted many toy trends throughout the years. The little red wagon has become an American icon. Every child should experience the magic and wonderment that can only be found sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon.

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