Redemption Novelties

Written by Serena Berger
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Redemption novelties top off a day or a date at a family amusement center. People come to play the games and are rewarded with tickets, a few just for playing, and more if they win. Some people save up their tickets to win some of the expensive electronic items or large stuffed toys. Others don't end the night with many tickets and trade them in for redemption novelties.

Redemption Novelties Featuring Your Logo

A variety of candies and toys all make suitable redemption novelties. Custom-designed novelties are a possibility if you want to increase brand awareness of your business. You might want to look into having hats, visors, shot glasses, or key chains made in bulk to make available as redemption prizes.

There are also great novelties with tie-ins to current movies and pop culture. The hottest summer movies have lent their characters to figurines, candies, decorations, and small novelty games. If you are a fan of Shrek, Spider Man, or any of the other family movie franchises, you should look for related novelty candy and toys.

You can fill out the redemption counter with a number of other small, colorful prizes. Rubber balls, koosh balls, miniature games, temporary tattoos, body jewels, and other novelties are all available at wholesale rates online. A quick search on the Internet will lead you to a discount or wholesale retailer who can provide for all of your redemption novelty needs.

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