Redemption Prizes

Written by Serena Berger
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Redemption prizes are the enjoyable rewards that finish off patrons' time at a game or amusement center. In some cases, they are simple novelties which serve as a memento of a date or a family afternoon out. In some cases, they are prizes that customers have come in repeatedly to work toward winning.

The idea with redemption prizes is that customers have earned tickets which they save up and then exchange for a prize when they have enough. Most often tickets are earned by playing games. Unlike at a carnival, however, where you can only play one game in pursuit of a particular prize, at amusement centers, you can keep your prize tickets from all the games and combine them to choose a better prize.

Wholesale Items as Redemption Prizes

If you are stocking redemption prizes for a family entertainment center, you will want to look for wholesale distributors, to get the best possible rates. For those loyal customers who have played and won repeatedly, you can find quality wholesale items such as televisions, DVD players, radios, and large stuffed toys. Having these items on display is also a great way to entice business.

Most players will only earn enough tickets to exchange for small toys and novelties, so you should have a colorful variety among which to choose. Temporary tattoos, stick-on body jewels, and novelty bracelets are very popular. For slightly more you can also get the custom-designed merchandise such as shot glasses or t-shirts with the name of your business. These make great prizes as well as a great advertising opportunity.

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