Redemption Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Redemption toys at family amusement centers are similar to carnival prizes. Many people enjoy them even more, however, because instead of being able to play only one carnival game and having to win it many times in order to get a good prize, they can play a greater variety of games. Tickets are awarded, a few just for playing, and many more for winning the games; at the end of the day, patrons combine their tickets and choose from many prize options.

Small and Large Redemption Toys

Redemption toys range from small novelties to brand-name toys and games. Games like Monopoly, with all of its special editions, make great prizes, and can be found wholesale on the Internet as great prices. Other board games are also quality toys which make great family rewards.

Video game systems and games make ideal high-end redemption toys. For customers who have hit it big or keep coming back to your business, winning a video game system is a great reward for them, and at wholesale prices, you can easily afford to provide them. Some video games that can be purchased for game systems are versions of the same games that patrons play at the amusement center.

For the people who have only won a few tickets, you can provide small novelty redemption prizes. Miniature and pocket-sized toys like pocket pinball or mini water toys are available online at great wholesale prices. Oftentimes, looking on the Internet is one of the best methods of shopping, if you want to find the lowest prices on toys and games.

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