Sand And Water Tables

Written by Samuel Wong
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Sand and water tables bring the magic and fun of the beach to your own backyard. What childhood summertime memories do not involve building sandcastles in the sun? The feeling of wet sand in the palm of your hand has the power to bring back memories of sunny days and fun times.

Sand and water tables are a fun alternative to the conventional, ground level sandbox. Where else can kids play around with sand and water without making a muddy mess? Adding a little water to the sand helps kids create an exciting waterfront sandcastle that would be destroyed in a matter of minutes if it were built on the beach.

Sand And Water Tables-A New Twist

One of the benefits of sand and water tables is that they keep the mess often associated with sandboxes under control. When the kids aren't using the sandbox, simply drain the water side of the table and cover up the sand. Some sand and water tables have built-in cup holders on the cover, so the closed table can be used for picnics or crafts.

Sand and water tables take a childhood classic and add an extra splash of fun. If you don't have time to take the kids to the beach, or if you happen to live nowhere near a beach, you can provide the next best thing. Set up some towels and umbrellas and open up the sand and water table for endless summer fun.

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