Written by Samuel Wong
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Sandboxes create a little bit of the beach in your own backyard. They provide all the fun of building sandcastles in the sun without the crowds and long drives commonly associated with trips to the beach. They provide a safer environment as well, because you know what is in the sand in your sandbox.

Regardless of background or upbringing, all kids like to get dirty every once in a while. Sandboxes provide an all-natural setting for creativity and play. Whether it is making mud pies or making tunnels for toy cars, a sandbox is like an empty canvas with millions of possibilities. Sand is infinitely reusable, and you won't have to worry about it wearing out or being broken, like with many other toys on the market.

Get Dirty With Sandboxes

Sandboxes provide good, natural fun. Burying some toys in the sandbox and having the kids go search for them can create a whole afternoon of fun and entertainment. How do you think the greatest archaeologists and treasure hunters got their start?

Every child should experience the cool feeling of a handful of wet sand. It is an experience that can only be provided by sandboxes. Many children are so surrounded by electronics and technology that they believe that anything without batteries or a video screen can't possibly be fun. Exposing children to all sources of fun, manmade and natural, will help your child grow into a balanced individual.

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