School Fund Raising Prizes

Written by Serena Berger
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School fund raising prizes can be an effective way to get students and adults involved in this critical part of their community. Schools always need more money for books, equipment, computers, uniforms, instruments, and other things that make the learning environment more fun and effective. If you are planning a fund raiser, a couple of high quality prizes can make your event much more successful.

School Fund Raising Prizes: Raffles and Rewards

At the one extreme, you may want to have a raffle or an auction for particularly desirable items. If you search online for wholesale distributors, you can find DVD players, CD players, television sets, watches, and other quality items at the lowest possible rates. You can buy these items singly, and then when they serve as school fund raising prizes, you will likely make back their cost several times over in raffle ticket sales or bids.

You may also want to have carnival style games that offer prizes. In this case, small toys or candies can make great school fund raising prizes. If you look online at wholesale distributors' sites, you can find bulk quantities or a number of great prize ideas.

For just a couple of pennies you can get small prizes like novelty candy, keychains, miniature stuffed animals, or miniature games. For a dime or a quarter you can get slightly larger prizes like plush toys, candy bars, or sports toys. Prizes make any event more fun, and fun is the key to a successful fund raiser for a worthy cause like your school.

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