Simpson Pez Dispenser

Written by Will Baum
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Simpson Pez dispenser collecting keeps many Pezheads awake at night. They may have the entire family in Giant Pez style, but do they have the Simpsons Pez key chains? Is owning one mint condition Giant Pez Homer really enough? Maybe gathering several Maggies for future trading is the way to go. Pez collecting can make you toss and turn.

Happily, the Giant Pez Simpsons family is there to soothe you. Each Simpson Pez dispenser gives a friendly greeting when its plastic head is tilted back. Rest easy, collectors. Simpsons and Pez memorabilia tend to gain value over the years. Combined, they are as close as you come to a collector's sure thing.

A Brief History of the Simpson Pez Dispenser

"The Simpsons" began as short cartoons that showed before and after commercials on "The Tracey Ullman Show." Back then, the Simpson family was animated with a wobblier hand and several more teeth per family member. "The Simpsons" shorts were popular, but it wasn't till 1989 that the Fox network ordered a full-length series. Huge success and massive merchandising followed.

"Life in Hell" cartoonist Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons," named the characters after his family, probably never suspecting their future as Pez heads. His father was Homer, his mother was Margaret--Marge on the show--and his sisters were Lisa and Maggie. Bart was made-up--chosen because it is an anagram for "brat." The Internet is a great place to track down any Simpson Pez dispenser you're looking to collect.

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