Small Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Small toys have a special kind of appeal. While many children enjoy having a few prized larger toys at home, small toys are often more affordable, and portable. They are perfect to carry in a pocket or backpack when you are on a trip or bringing a child on an errand.

Small toys can come in all descriptions. There are some that are just smaller versions of popular brand name toys. For example, Bratz dolls have a line of Lil Bratz, which are about 4.5" high instead of 10-11". Lil Bratz are also significantly less expensive.

Other toys are especially made with the intention of appealing to those who like miniature and cute toys. Small dolls, stuffed animals, and plush toys are found with all manner of adorable subjects. You can also find small games, from jacks to cards, to miniature water toys.

Be Careful With Small Toys and Young Children

Of course miniature toys are not recommended for children of all ages. Until they are old enough to know not to swallow toys, it is best to give children larger soft or plastic toys. But if you are looking for charming presents or prizes for children ages 4 and up, small toys can be found singly or in bulk on the Internet.

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