Spider Man Toys

Written by Serena Berger
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Spider Man toys have been popular for several generations. Stan Lee's comic character grew to fame in the 1970s, when children and adults alike voraciously collected the comic book, and followed the series when it was syndicated. Spider Man toys from this period are now collector's items.

With the release of the blockbuster movie in 2002, Spider Man came to even greater prominence. The marketing extravaganza surrounding the character exploded soon thereafter. The new Spider Man appeals to young fans who had never read a comic book, and wanted new toys to create games with Peter Parker, Spider Man, The Green Goblin, and Mary Jane.

Action figures remain the most popular Spider Man toys. Available in sizes ranging from a couple of inches to a foot in height, action figures allow children to be creative in their play. They can also gain value over time if you are a collector.

Novelty Spider Man Toys

There are also all manner of novelty toys incorporating the image of Spider Man. Inflatable balls, stickers, and web shooters are some of the most popular Spider Man novelties. The Internet is a great source of Spider Man toys; if you know a comic book or movie lover, or are one yourself, you may want to take a look for Spiderman toys and memorabilia.

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