Sports Collectibles

Written by Will Baum
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Sports collectibles include a whole lot more than an autograph scrawled by a sweat-drenched player after a game. Just about anything with a team logo on it is a collectible sports item. Super Bowl Coke bottles and miniature die cast helmets and baseball-themed Pez dispensers are all valuable sports collectibles.

One of the most collectible sports items of recent years can't be owned. It doesn't exist. They blew it up. That item is the baseball that ruined the Chicago Cubs chances at a World Series shot. A foul ball hit during the October playoffs was grabbed not by a Cubs fielder but by an overeager Cubs fan. The out was lost. The inning was a disaster. The Florida Marlins won the game and series.

The event was notorious to Cubs fans who had hoped that the curse on their team was finally about to lift. At a December 2003 auction, the ball sold for $113,824. In February 2004, in a flash of explosives, the ball was shredded to bits. Fans roared.

Not All Sports Collectibles Have Been Blown Up

Happily there is still a world full of collectible sports items that haven't fallen into the hands of vengeful Chicago baseball fans. Even non-collectors tend to have some sports memorabilia around the house--a baseball hat or some trading cards. The Internet is a great place to look for sports collectibles of all kinds.

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