Step2 Playhouses

Written by Samuel Wong
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Step2 playhouses give parents a wider variety of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect playhouse. In the past, there was only one trusted manufacturer of playhouses for kids. This meant the selection was smaller and prices were higher. For this reason alone, many parents decided against buying a playhouse for their children.

When it comes to action packed playhouses, Step2 playhouses can't be beat. Today's kids are used to all the bells and whistles associated with the latest electronic games. This high level of expectation may mean that they find an ordinary playhouse just plain boring.

Step2 Playhouses Are Modern Day Fun

Step2 playhouses take traditional playhouses to the next level. They manufacture specialized playhouses for both boys and girls. For girls, Step2 makes a Barbie playhouse that makes being a girl even better than before. For boys, there is a camper-shaped playhouse that makes a trip to the backyard as much fun as a trip to the forest!

For those parents out there who put cleanliness above all else, some Step2 playhouses come with a built-in floor. This helps ensure that no dirt will be tracked into your house. This also teaches kids about keeping their feet clean and the importance of a clean household, even if it is just a playhouse.

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