Step2 Pools

Written by Samuel Wong
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One of the most colorful ways you can introduce your kids to fun times in the water is with Step2 pools. These pools can create a cooling oasis in your backyard for the smallest of children. Their smaller design makes it easier to supervise the kids during those lazy summer days.

The durable design of Step2 pools gives them the unique ability do to double duty as a pool and sandbox, giving you twelve months of useful fun from one toy. After summer is over, you can simply drain the pool and fill it up with play sand, letting the kids have more outdoor outside of the few hot summer months every year. Once your kids outgrow their Step2 pool, you can turn it into a decorative planter for vegetables or wildflowers!

Step2 Pools Create Big Fun

Kids love splashing around in the water. Some newer Step2 pools transform an ordinary garden hose into a cool, refreshing summertime shower. These sprinklers add another dimension of fun and excitement to what would otherwise be an ordinary summer day.

Parents are always looking for a durable, dependable way for their kids to cool off during the hot summer months. Many parents do not want to spend the large amount of money to install a permanent above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, especially if their children are at a young age. Step2 pools provide a durable dependable way for kids to stay cool during the dog days of summer.

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