Step2 Sandboxes

Written by Samuel Wong
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There have been numerous sightings of giant red crabs in backyards across the country. However, there seems to be no sign of panic, nor will there ever be, because these crabs are actually Step2 sandboxes. No other manufacturer makes outdoor children's toys that double as whimsical backyard art as well as Step2.

Step2 sandboxes combine the guaranteed fun of a sandbox with the dependability and durability of the Step2 name. The crab sandbox may be Step2's most easily recognized sandbox model. The crab shell covers up the sand when not in use, ensuring that other outdoor debris or the dog or cat do not leave surprises for kids to discover in the sand.

Step2 Sandboxes Are The Cream of The Crop

The newer Step2 sandboxes are all about multitasking. Certain models let kids have fun with sand and water, without creating a muddy mess. This mix of sand and water enables them to experiment with floating boats and buckets to create a waterfront city out of sand.

If the idea of sand and water in the same space is enough to make you crazy, there are other Step2 sandboxes that will let your little ones have fun in the sand. One of the sandboxes I wish I had as a kid has built in seats so you're not sitting in the sand. I always hated getting sand in my pants after playing in the sandbox!

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