Toy Storage

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many parents are baffled when it comes to solving the problem of toy storage. Cabinets and closets can only hold so much, and the higher up you store a toy, the less likely your youngster will use it. You have to have a diverse selection of toys on hand to keep your child occupied, and the fewer toys that are within reach, the sooner your child will become bored.

Choosing toy storage with your child in mind will ensure that he or she will be able to access and put away the toys independently. What is the point of a toy storage system if you are the one constantly cleaning up after the kids? Teaching children responsibility for keeping the house and playroom clean will prevent them from becoming the typical slobby teenager a few years down the road.

Ideas for Toy Storage

Toy storage needs to be easily organized and easily accessible. Organization and accessibility can be major factors if you want your child to be able to clean up after himself or herself. Clearly labeling which toys go where will ensure that toy cleanup does not become a chore for you or your child.

There are many pieces of furniture on the market that can double as toy storage. Some coffee tables have built-in cabinets and cubby holes which are great places to store crayons and paper for last-minute art activities. An ottoman with a removable lid is an easy place to store ride on toys or building blocks.

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